Ministerial Guide


One of the most difficult things a minister, elder, deacon, pastoral care advisor, Sunday school teacher, or anyone placed in a leadership role in a congregation, must do when called to the place of death of a congregation member, or that of their family, is to look into hollow, tear stained eyes that cry, “Please help me.” They are now face to face with the loss of one they love, likely their most precious possession, and are searching for sensitive, caring leadership.

How can a leader best respond to the family where a lingering illness has now come to an end, or perhaps to that unexpected call from a hospital emergency room in the early morning hours? After years of experience, Wayne Gaskin now shares thoughts that can create a lasting impression on families during their most difficult time.

Whether this information is standard procedure for leaders with years and years of caring for their congregation, or brand new to a young, beginning leader with minimal experience in death care, the following suggested guidelines, from a funeral director’s perspective, might well make the difference between just acknowledging or caring for your congregation.

Designed to be a one-sitting quick-read: 40 pages.